. Athena's Books: The Book of Luke...a Love Experiment
Friday, May 29, 2009

The Book of Luke...a Love Experiment

What’s worse than moving to another state in the middle of your senior year and leaving your boyfriend behind on a cold morning? Well, Emily Abbott can tell you a thing or two about this since she gets dumped by her boyfriend, Sean, on the very same day her family is moving from Chicago back to their home city of Boston. And not only that, but she had just fed the guy his favorite breakfast. What a jerk! Well, that’s Emily’s new attitude in Jenny O'Connell's The Book of Luke. Judging by the cover, The Book of Luke is obviously not a religious experience. It's a love experiment concocted by her former BFF to get back at the entire male species and bring salvation to all the idiot boyfriends of the world. Of course, Emily is in. Emily decides she’s been too nice for too long and agrees to help write a guidebook for guys—tips on what not to do. Here’s a tip: The Guy’s Guide Tip #72. We like surprises. But telling us you have another girlfriend doesn’t count. Neither does anything else that makes us want to hit you. But, then Emily starts falling for Luke Preston—the epitome of a jerk boyfriend and finds that he really isn’t one of the bad guys. Well, he’s not bad when the good girls are good and nice and self-respecting. She starts off trying to change Luke and making him the number one project on her new, renamed guidebook—The Book of Luke. I am sure you can guess what happens next because we all know that sometimes the people we can’t stand are the ones we end up with. I don’t mean that we end up with them out of no other choice, but that we actually choose to be with them. And right when things seem perfect…there’s egg all over the place. Now the question is who really behaves worse in the end? Through Emily's voice, Jenny O'Connell writes a refreshing YA novel that is amusingwith humorous tips many of us wish would actually change our guys.