. Athena's Books: How I Got Here
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How I Got Here

Ok. So, this is my first ever post. I’m nervous about it. I mean, to blog? To have my own blogspot? My students are impressed (or so they say). They’re probably thinking I already have a whole live platform in the classroom. Yeah, but I’m too busy talking about First Emperor Qin Huangdi and his forced labor projects or the more interesting love tomb of Shah Jahan. I teach world history advanced placement. Yippee. Basically, I have to teach about the entire world from before ancient times (what’s before?) to the 20th century by the time May comes around. Let’s just say it can get pretty hardcore.
So, yeah, I have a forum, a lectern, a right to free speech as long as I say what the college board wants. BUT, what I really want to talk about is books (mainly YA) and writing (mainly my own). And, not that I don’t already do these two things because I cram it in when I can or trade plot details with some of the avid readers of YA stuff enrolled in my class…sophomore girls. Those same girls who are the heroines in many of the novels I enjoy reading.
Well, a funny thing happened. It all started with an Excel Spreadsheet where I listed every YA book I have read since last March. But, then I found Facebook and Visual Bookshelf and all of a sudden I feel so cool—so “with it.” Then, I started writing book reviews and posting to Visual Bookshelf and my school library. Then, I tried submitting them to websites like YA Book Central. Then, I realized I can do all this through a blog. So, Athena’s Books is born. My own podium for saying whatever I want about any novel I want, and hopefully, others care what I have to say. If not, well, it’s better than a spreadsheet. But, I do know of a few kindred spirits who will read my blogs because they love the same books I love.