. Athena's Books: Smart Boys & Fast Girls... Make Great Couples
Friday, May 8, 2009

Smart Boys & Fast Girls... Make Great Couples

Ok. We've all heard this story before...first time varisty star athlete falls in love with senior star athlete, girl star athelete not doing hot in math, girl star athlete needs a tutor, tutor is actually a really cute, cocky guy with a girlfriend. So, what happens? Well, you don't need math to figure it out. It's the YA kind of book teenage girls love to read (not to mention anybody else who ever had a high school crush or romance). Stephie Davis creates an authentic voice in the narrative of Natalie, a teen track star. Natalie's voice shows what it feels like to work your way through the high school bureaucracy of cliques. Jocks have standards, the brainiacs have standards, but isn't wonderful when the two can sort of mesh? Well, without giving away the ending, you will surely enjoy and reread all the tense, fresh, flirtatious conversations between Natalie and her fake boyfriend, Matt--the supersmart boy who easily grows on any girl with his confidence and cuteability. Smart Boys & Fast Girls--they make great couples.