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Sunday, July 12, 2009


If you've never been over to Readergirlz, you guys are missing out on an awesome website and blog. The co-founding Readergirlz Divas are a group of YA novelist who have a strong passion for promoting YA literature. I found Readergirlz when I was reading up on one of my new, favorite YA authors, Justina Chen Headly. Justina is the author of the moving novel North of Beautiful and also happens to be one of the Divas at Readergirlz. Every month they feature a particular author and novel with a live chats, promotions, book reviews, and author reflection. The goal at Readergirlz is to "read, reflect, and reach out.

Most of us who love books usually read a lot and reflect on how the words and characters reach out to us. But Readergirlz provides interesting ways to go beyond ourselves and our little world of reading to a wider community of readers and writers. And, this is how Readergirlz stands out from other YA sites.

The featured novelist for May was Laura Resau, author of Red Glass. You might have read the blog I posted a while back summarizing major details from the live chat with Laura hosted by Readergirlz. That was my first time participating in a live chat, and all I can say is it was truly amazing to just get in there and chat with a writer and share opinions, views, and questions with all of the other participants. As for June, Readergirlz focused on Sweethearts (one of the best YA books out there) by Sara Zarr. And, guess what? I missed the live chat! I can not believe it! Somehow the craziness of new furniture, new LED TV, and Bose Speakers, and summer school, and 3 kids got my brain all fried, and I completely got my days mixed up!

So, this month Readergirlz is going graphic...as in graphic novels. Yes, I am a fan of graphic novels even though I haven't read that many. I took a whole class on the graphic novel and even wrote a twenty something page research paper two semesters ago. Go, Scott McCloud! (graphic novel guru) Graphic novels are the perfect blend of visual art and text, but I won't get into all the awesomeness of graphic novels here...too much to say! Will have to do that later.

Like I was saying, Readergirlz is focusing on a pair of graphic novels--The Plain Janes and Janes in Love by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg. I will definitely read them both as each seems to be a fresh, original graphic novel for teen girls. Basically, three girls named Jane embark on reaching out to their community by attacking it with art and love through the project P.L.A.I.N. (People Loving Art In Neighborhoods). And of course, Cecil and Jim will be the featured writers for a live chat on July 22 , and I will not miss it! So, mark your calendars...Wednesday, July 22 at 6 Pacific/9 Eastern. I've already marked mine. And nothing except a vacation will keep me away.

Go Visit... http://readergirlz.com

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Remember...Wednesday, July 22 --Live Author Chat!