. Athena's Books: My Exciting News, A Poem, and More 20 Boy Summer
Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Exciting News, A Poem, and More 20 Boy Summer

I am so excited...it is official--I have one section of creative writing at Med High! I've been waiting to announce this, hoping all would go as I expected, and now it's done. My creative writing class is scheduled for last period every other day--that means 4A for all you guys from Med High reading this. The only thing I'm concerned about is that so far there are only 2 students on my roster. So, I'm wondering...where are all you guys who said you had pre-registered for this class last May? Alexis? Stephanie? And the rest? Where are you? Get yourself over there ASAP and tell them you want Mrs. Vasquez 4A!

In honor of my creative writing class, I am going to post one of my poems here because that is what we are starting with--poetry! Ok. Now understand this is one I wrote in graduate school last year and it's been a while since I've looked at it. Enjoy! And hopefully some literary journal out there will soon accept it for publishing. (A ghazal is an Arabic poetic form.)

Ghazal Buried in Autumn Fire

October sage speaks—last words often falter, the meaning lost.

Lips pale, bruise red in pomegranate water, the meaning lost.

The warmth of leaves and popsicle ice, vanilla cream inside

Remind of love notes, tombs of alabaster, the meaning lost.

Once you knew of milk foam, with lips pink, supple on mother’s skin;

Only her robe remains on your ghost frame, Daughter, the meaning lost.

Days when youth glowed, a memory played in auburn mud and sticks

When monarchs died in the caves of Gibraltar, the meaning lost.

A cool sun falls behind the thorn bush, fluid amethyst sky

Creating a backdrop, the embers of an altar, the meaning lost.

Sweep the glass shards, a pickle jar prism melts on ceramic tile;

Above, moon-stars sigh for the household martyr, the meaning lost.

My bronze skin under molten rock, a beauty glazed with crimson,

Noon sun passes over Teotihuacan, the meaning lost.

You wonder what ancient tea leaves whisper for generations—

Know this wisdom: the robes of Athena saunter, the meaning lost.

Hope you like it, and I can tell you I don't exactly know what every line means, but I know I workshopped the heck out of it, and I just really love how some of the lines turned out.

Also, since summer is still officially here (and I kind of don't want it to end), I thought I'd tell you that Sarah Ockler has an excerpt of Twenty Boy Summer on her website. Come on guys, get your hands on it--one more weekend of free reading before we all go to school and get bombarded with the boring stuff. (Well, not anything in the creative writing class and definetely not the beautifully written world history AP textbook...just kidding about the AP book.)

At least read this if you haven't had a chance to get the book in your hands.

Read chapter 1 HERE: http://sarahockler.com/books/