. Athena's Books: The Indigo Notebook Book Tour Oct 15 & 16
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Indigo Notebook Book Tour Oct 15 & 16

Just about time! Make sure to visit Athena's Oct 15 & 16 for a VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR OF THE INDIGO NOTEBOOK BY LAURA RESAU! I am anxiously awaiting her responses and guest post. As soon as I get them, they'll go up.

Personal Note...I survived my week of graduate school stress...but now I'm on to a new week of stress...another film analysis paper, a film mid term, and a short story/chapter due next Mon and Tues. Hey, I wanted grad school so I would be forced to write and submit things on a timely basis. Guess I'm getting all that and more.

Also, writing a screenplay is fun! My thing now is how to make a historical epic into a high concept feature film! How to take my story of Carthage, politics, and love and do something new with it...