. Athena's Books: Merry Christmas and 12 Days of Christmas
Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas to All! Remember the Reason for the Season!

Wow...seems that Christmas got the best of me away from blogging, which is a good thing?

But, here is the rest of my song...

On the 9th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

The New Rules of High School by Blake Nelson

Very good "coming-of-age" novel about a teenage boy about to graduate from high school. Love the male narrative that comes in the character of Max.

Max Caldwell is tired. He's tired of having a "perfect" girlfriend, he's tired of worrying about college applications, and he's tired of always doing what he's supposed to do. So for the first time, dependable, reliable Max steps back from his Mr. Perfect, straight-A life to see what happens when he lets go for a while.

He learns quickly that his new approach to life won't bring all the answers, but it sure raises a lot of interesting questions. This fast-paced novel introduces a fantastic cast of characters, from downtown Goth kids to preppy suburbanites, seen through the eyes of a seventeen-year-old who's trying to figure it all out.

On the 10th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Film about The Grapes of Wrath by Steven Goldman

Ok...this sounds like you could actually sing the title with The 12 Days of Christmas! You will abosolutely love the male perspective and voice--hilarious!

Mitchell Wells may not survive eleventh grade. He really only has one friend, his best friend, David. His normally decent grade point average is in limbo due to a slightly violent, somewhat inappropriate claymation film. And girls . . . well, does hanging out with his sister count?

When David tells Mitchell he’s gay, Mitchell’s okay with it—but it still seems to change things. Since David’s not out to anyone else, the guys agree to be set up with prom dates. Then, one of the most popular girls in school decides she must date Mitchell, and he’s gone from zero to two girlfriends in sixty seconds.

From his pending English grade, to his floundering friendship, to his love life—the one thing that’s taken a bizarre turn for the better—Mitchell is so confused, he’ll be lucky if he lasts another week in high school! And then there’s the prom . . .

With a wickedly funny voice and a colorful cast of characters, Steven Goldman has written a novel for every reader—even those who like high school.

I will have to put day 11 and 12 tomorrow even though Christmas is today. I've got a couple of pot roasts in the oven!