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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday's Are For Blogging...Procastination and Pucker

Rant: Why can't I just get it together and get some book written? Who cares if it's not the best written thing? I can always go back and edit it like crazy. I mean, that's how I write every academic paper I have to write for class. I just write without a plan, go back and fix it, and I get A's. I don't know. Maybe it's more of a psychological thing, especially when I start thinking about all the books I've read and really love and consider how it seems nearly impossible to write something of that length and of that worth that people will actually want to read. It just seems overwhelming, but I do know the more I procastinate the more I will never get anything written, much less published. Like I said, why can't I just punch out about a 1000 words a day? Really, that just means about 4 double spaced typed pages. I can do that...just gotta start. Somebody, anybody, send me some motivation, inspiration, and a "you can do it!" I've actually got an awesome idea (not from the stories I've started) and if I don't jump on it, someone else is going to write something similar and then I will have to kick myself hard on both shins really, really hard.

Rave: Just finished reading Pucker by Melanie Gideon and it is outstanding. It's the book I wish I had written...haven't I already said that about 100 times for other YA novels? It's a little bit sci-fi/ fantasy with a parallel world (part of the idea I mention on my rant above), a little bit romance (of course, that will be part of any story I write), a little bit of teen angst and awkwardness, a male protagonist (which I seem to prefer lately) who is not foul mouthed or overtly perverse, and a plot line of sacrifice--doing things for others rather than for yourself and considereing the outcome of the best thing to do, not the selfish thing to do. The story is about 270 pages long and contains the entire story without a need for a trilogy. And the writing...beautiful. It's intense, lyrical, moving. It's wow...

For the first time in my life I forget I'm burned, and I'm just a boy and there is this girl and some invisible cord connects us.

But there's also another boy and it isn't me, and it's he who gets to touch her, he who gets to make her gasp.

Love it, love it, love it. You must read it. One last thing...it doesn't go overboard with the sci-fi stuff.

Book Summary (will do my own review later):

Thomas Quicksilver, known to his classmates as "Pucker," has always been an outsider. His crazy mother, the secret of his family's strange origins, and above all, the terrible scars on his face from a childhood fire—these things have kept Thomas isolated and alone.

Now, at seventeen, a quest to save his dying mother takes Thomas back to his birthplace, an alternate world called Isaura from which he and his mother were exiled years earlier. In Isaura, Thomas's scars will be magically healed. He will fall in love for the first time. And he will face a devastating, impossible choice.

In shimmering prose, Melanie Gideon's new novel takes readers from the lonely places in a boy's soul to a miraculous world of infinite possibility and frightening temptation