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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Totally YA Tuesday: Favorite

Not ready to write a complete review of a YA book so I thought of something else...favorite quotes from a YA book!

Top 10 Favorite Lines from Breathe by Penni Russon

1. In the day he is merely a shadow of his nighttime self. (a beautiful line in the prologue...make you want to know about this character named Trout)

2. Yep, a year ago, Trout had known exactly who he was, and by far the most importantthing about him, his most distinguishing feature, the thing that dominated his unspectacular universe, was a girl... (so true that sometimes what defines us best is someone else...usually of the opposite sex)

3. She had not loved him, but he had love her, and for years that had been enough, that unrequited, familiar, slightly excruciating but not especially risky love. (wow...I remember feeling that way at some point during my teen years)

4. There was a particular smell in the math classroom, like old rubber and stale air and past students, as if the heater had stored up the same smell from previous years and then released an older, more unpeasant version of it. (wow...I can still smell it!)

5. The sun. Old fire burning. Caster of shadows, illuminating difference, speaking an ancient language of presence and absence, light and air, having and lacking. (this is like something I would totally write...if you've ever read anything of mine...this is basically what it often sounds like)

6. At bedtime Trout realized that Undine no longer shared his hemisphere. But still he was surrounded by her. (love that last part! But still he was surrounded by her...love how the word still is before the word he)

7. It was, she thought, kind of sexy to be inside someone's brain, especially when their brain was as wild as this. (like this idea)

8. He returned the kiss, tentative and blind, fumbling his lips inexpertly on and around hers. His tentativeness made the kiss all the more arousing; she tasted his uncertainty like sweet, warm wine. (love how the lines go from something innocent to something sultry)

9. Suddenly it seemed less astonishing, less of a coincience that they should be together and more to do with design, a pattern that had been laid out for them. And right now it didn't feel like a cosmic joke. It felt...comforting. (I believe in fate and destiny)

10. The moonless night leaked from the sky into the sea and blackness enveloped Undine; only in the village did the occasional light twinkle. (love idea of the night leaking...like dark ink)