. Athena's Books: Manic Monday Mini Review...The H-Bomb Girl
Monday, February 8, 2010

Manic Monday Mini Review...The H-Bomb Girl

Hmmm...what if a future reality could impose itself on a past event through the element of time travel? If the goal was to shape a more improved future, would this act indeed allow for that or would it just mess everything up or bring about a future that was not necessarily better? Or does fate play a role in creating a future that is just as it was in the first place before man decided to interfere in the past? This all seems like great material for theorizing on sci-fi time machines, but it's also what you will get from reading The H-Bomb Girl by Stephen Baxter. With this novel, you'll get plenty of possible alternate realities and ethical dilemas. Throw in som Beatles and a little love story and it's just my kind of book (and yours, too)!


Liverpool 1962. A place and time of danger and passion. A thrilling new music is bursting on to the grey streets of the post-war city. A music that electrifies. A music that promises to change everything. But in Cuba, on the other side of the earth, nuclear tensions are at breaking point. The end of the whole world could be just days away. At the heart of it all is 14-year-old Laura Mann. She's on the run, hunted by strange forces fighting over the future of humanity. And Laura's about to discover that her own life is at stake - in ways she could never have imagined...


"H-BOMB Girl," Nick said, "listen to yourself. You are a 14-year-old girl, stuck in a hole in the ground, in Liverpool. How can you talk about causing wars or not? How can you talk about choosing futures? Who do you think you are, the Virgin Mary or Supergirl?"

But she was at the pivot, Laura thought. Because of the Key. She was at the place the futures were fighting over, to become real. She didn't ask for it to be that way, but that's how it was. Maybe everyone thinks they're the centre of the world. But, Laura thought now, maybe whole futures, whole worlds, billions of lives and deaths, really did depend on the decisions she made in the next few hours. She looked around at them, her mum, Agatha, battered Nick, troubled Joel, curledover, pregnant Bernadette. "I've made my mind up," she said.

Love that psychedilic book cover art!