. Athena's Books: Sundays are for Blogging...Teacher Rant
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sundays are for Blogging...Teacher Rant

Rant...students who have mama take care of things for them. My favorite students are the one that take responsibility for their own actions--those who own up to their class effort and handle things in a mature way. The ones who receive a C on a paper and take the effort to find out how to improve rather than gripe about the grade, tell mom and dad, and argue for a better grade even when the work falls below rubric standards. There are parents out there who are raising their children to achieve high levels of success without really working for it. These are the "stage-moms" of the school. Don't these parents work or have other children to be concerned about? Look, if my son gets a B, sure, I will be dissappointed because I think he can do better, but I'm not going to call a teacher conference for it because some of his other classmates who usually get B's and C's received A's. I am not going to question an 81 verses and 87. I am not going to cancel entire weekend plans to work all day and all night on a project. I am not going request that he work independently on projects rather than a group because his group members are not giving full effort. I am not going to ask for him to take a quiz over when that is not the teacher's grading policy. I am not going to question the teacher's use of sarcasm or the teacher's past teaching success. I am not going to get involved when the things in question are trivial. So, let's say his grades dip into the C's. Well, then I will speak to the teacher but my attitude will be how can we help him improve and not what can you, the teacher, do to make sure his grades don't dip below 90. The way I see it, kids are the products of their parents. Want to raise 25 year old babies? Well, keep treating them like that and taking care of all their problems. One last question...how can some parents be more annoying than a classroom of 16 year olds?

Sorry, guys...no raves about anything...too wrapped up in my teacher world!