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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O, How I Miss Thee, Ye Blog of My Heart...

What happened to November? Guys, it's all been swept under the rug...

Dear December and the Blog of My Heart,

I promise not to neglect
you as I did November
nor allow beetles to eclipse our water--
clear, cold, silvered by the moon.

Here is another section of my verse novel...remember the one I'm writing for creative writing degree? This was part of the 2nd batch of poems/chapters I turned in mid-November. I'm up to about 40 pages now and I'm gonna turn in a 3rd batch next week which I have yet to write because I've had this major paper for a novel theory class I am also taking just nagging at my back!

Here it is...it's a poetic journal entry giving insight to Alejandra's life at home:

August 14, The Same Thing At Home

Lilac petals line the chain-link fence, crying tears
for my mother, and I wake up to silence and morning
shadows. My father already gone on a Sunday, our day
of rest and pancakes, spongy, warm, butter swirled with syrup.

But the silence is loud. My window percolates in clouds
while coffee mugs lay dormant, unused, unmoistened by
lips in need of warmth.

Only unwashed dishes to clean and rinse, left undone
by my mother. My mother undone by my father
during dinner the night before.
Me in my room.

When did it all change?
Maybe it’s always been the same.
But I was the Princess.
My brother the Prince
who left when I turned thirteen
before it got out of hand
in front of me.

All he left was a note
addressed to me.

Take care. Leave when you can. Mom won’t. Will write when I can. Joined marines.

Four years later. No note since then. Antonio, why did you forget about me?

I wish I was a normal girl with a hot boyfriend.
He’d make me forget.
He’d make me feel special.
Cappuccino and waffles. That’s who we’d be.
Warm lips to kiss.

New This Month at Athena's!

Also...I'll be doing the 12 Days of Christmas again like I did last year! Starting Sunday, December 5! Come back for Minnie-Reviews (get it? Minnie-Reviews as in mini-reviews?)of YA books and maybe not so YA books I love!


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