. Athena's Books: My last semester!
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My last semester!

I'm in for a few stressful months...I'm graduating!  Gonna wear my black and cap and represent the MFA's.  But first I have a full plate to start eating.  Composition Techniques, Form and Theory of Poetry, and Thesis...I suppose the cushion class will be the poetry.  Not that poetry is easier (although it comes easier to me than to other folks), but it goes well with my thesis work, and I'm sure it will only aid the development of my poetry in my novel--which is my thesis project also.  I have that class tomorrow night from 7 to 10...Yikes! 

I just got off from my Wednesday class for composition about 3 hours ago, and I have about 30+ pages of reading for next week.  Major time management!  But I love how my professor uses a blog format for all out of class assignments--she even has links to all the class readings through google documents.  I already posted my first comments for tonight's homework...dry stuff you don't want to read.  All about the purpose of a 1st year writing course for college students and how writing is connected to learning...now I just have the reading and more questions to answer through the  blog by next Wednesday.

I also sent out a draft of part 1 and 2 of my novel to a member of my thesis committee and a draft of my critical introduction paper to another member.  Next week I'm meeting with my thesis chair...I think you're getting a sense of how hectic my life is going to be or get or already is. 
My novel is titled Awake for now.  I will start posting novel excerpts here ASAP.  I want feedback--I want to start sharing what I'm writing and see what real readers think (not just my professors).  As my 3 kids say..she wants to impress her professors...from Phineus and Ferb cartoon song. 

Lord, help me! I want A's, I want to graduate! I want to focus on the next step--publishing!

Actually, I need to graduate.  This is my 3rd year and I'm not getting youger and my kids are just getting older...12, 11, 9.  Wow. 

As always,