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Monday, April 4, 2011

Where She Went...Just Gotta Know

I usually do Thursday Trailers, but why not a Monday Trailer? Great way to brighten up a Monday! Here is the follow up to If I Stay by Gayle Forman...Where She Went. I really want to read this becauses first of all If I Stay was great (once it got going) (and once the choice for life or death had to be made). Second...the male POV! Where She Went is from her ex-boyfriend's perspective...yes, the one that helped her make a decision to stay in life, if not for him then for her music. Obviously, she went for the music because otherwise why is the book titled Where She Went? (Plus, I already ready a summary and review of the book over at Forever Young Adult).

Dear YA Book With High Potential,

Please don't disappoint...please be worth reading and make the story be something that needs to be read...I mean is Adam's story that important that we just can't let him die from YA book world with If I Stay? Do we really need to know Where She Went and how that just completely brought him to his knees?


missrantsypants said...

Loved the trailer!
Still need to read the first book.


kel said...

This looks fantastic!!!!

YA Lit in 100 Words or Less said...

Can't wait to read this book. Do you think it is as sad as the first one?

YA Lit in 100 Words or Less said...

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I also post "Songs to Read By" to go with each book.

minnie said...

thank you all for your comments!
@ YA lit...yes definetely!