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Friday, November 4, 2011

Junot Diaz on Creating a Voice

Junot Diaz on Creating a Voice

How to make authentic characters...like those real life people you know. You know, the one's who speak brutal honesty, the ones who exaggerate everything, the ones you would trust with your own life, those who are unreliable, those with all sorts of issues, and so on...

And then to make them sound real? With realistic dialogue?

What's worked for me is writing in my own natural voice but them blending it with my character's history/story. I then end up with someone that sounds like a real person...its like my character develops into someone unlike me. Like the character is discovered through the writing.

But I really like this other dimension of character and voice that Junot Diaz explains in the link above from Figment. He says you should figure out the relationship your character has to "the telling" of the story. Wow...

Go ahead, and open up the link!

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