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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Love Scriptwriting and Little Bit of Self-Study

Why is this blog so hard for me to keep up with?  Because I have to work.  In a state where the state sucks the life out of teaching with crazy testing requirements.  Because I can't devote every waking hour to what I really want to do and that is write, write, write, plan, plan, plan, and be a great mother and wife.  I have to work, do lesson plans, stand up and teach and be engaging and grade and "teach the test" (which is what we are not supposed to do, but still do because we as teachers are judged based on student scores-which no one will admit, and if the students don't know what the test looks like and practice answering those questions, then there is no hope for many of them since this is a new test year and everyone is freaking out over what exactly it will be like, the grading scale, etc. because the state is keeping everything under lid...) Just ranting a bit.

But, I did find this today...Read up below!  Especially all you getting ready for script-frenzy this April.  I love scriptwriting and playwriting!  I almost focused on that for my graduate thesis.  I will probably do script-frenzy as well and then use my script as a basis for a novel which is what I did with my first novel.  I had the 100 page script then I transformed the whole thing to a verse novel...formerly titled Awake but now titled Always Near You.  And there you go...something I actually completed!  But chapter 3 below is for any good story whether script, novella, short story, verse novel, novel...whatever you want to write and master!

Chapter 3: Fictional and Dramatic Elements

I've been thinking a lot about plotting and 3 act structure since I started my second novel.  I'm in the planning/initial writing stage.  As you know, I am the queen of getting started. 

So, I found this online, and lo and behold, it had the "embed" button.  Perfect for my un-updated blog and about the only thing I can post because I've been concentrating on a lot of other stuff...house, work, housework, spring break, studying, planning, querying, and sometimes feeling bummed because I have a work of art on my flashdrive and so far no one is grabbing it up.  The industry says it wants "multicultural" but I think it wants watered-down multicultural.  Just how I feel.  But I will keep going and someone's gotta pick it up.   As I said in a previous blog post...haters gonna hate.  The opposite is also true...lovers gotta love.