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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Wow, I am definately out of loop of YA. I have a stack of books to read at home, but not enough time in the day, especially since I have a new job.

Yes, I have a new job at PSJA High School in San Juan, Texas! This is a really huge change for me because I left my job of 10 years at a magnet school about 5 miles from my house for an enormous 5A high school 20 minutes away. This means going from a school of 800 students to a school with about 3000 students. But, I love it! I especially love that I am teaching English once again, and dual credit English at that! Finally, I am using my MFA for something other than something to back up my pursuit of a writing career. No more world history!

So, my YA reading is nill, my YA writing is zip, my teaching life is sort of crazy and unfamiliar, but soon all will make sense.

Good news, though, one of my short stories is being published this month...in a real book...an anthology of "Border" writing. Will share more later!
More good news...my review of Choke by Diana Lopez was published in the summer edition of 2 literary review journals!
More good news...another one of my short stories will be published in an anthology for classroom use that is focused on Latina/o youth!
And...my novel-Always Near You-is in the hands of Latino YA writer, Rene Saldana, Jr.!

But, what you guys want is some of sort review, right? Be patient, my young Padowans. They are coming.