. Athena's Books: If We Kiss...Everything Might be Ruined
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If We Kiss...Everything Might be Ruined

If We Kiss is definitely an entertaining read by Rachel Vail that follows the story of Charlie's crush and first kiss with a ladies' man (or boy). Kevin is the boy all girl swoon over, but who has a reputation for making out with any available girl. Kevin also happens to be her best friend's boyfriend. Wow--the complication of 9th grade love! And of course, there is George, who is of the best friend, next door neighbor status. Kissing George, according to Charlie, would be like kissing a cousin. Oh, but kissing Kevin is a growing thing--even Charlie can't believe she likes doing something so disgusting and something that could ruin her friendship with Tess, not to mention something that could end up totally weird since Kevin's dad and Charlie's mother are dating. Overall, a fun book and a true to life voice. I remember having some the same feelings and probably saying a lot of the same things as Charlie. But, Charlie's voice is too much like someone from middle school and the book is probably a favorite more among the 12 and 13 year olds. It is possible, though, that Rachel Vail's narrative reads at a younger level because Charlie has never been kissed. In that sense, Charlie is more innocent and naive than the average high school freshman.