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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I've Been Doing Lately

I've actually been reading quite a few books this week, so I haven't had time to write any reviews. Actually, I've been so busy getting this blog going and doing a bunch of stuff to get it found on Google and other major search engines and joining blogging sites and commenting in discussion forums that my reading frenzy was rudely pushed aside by the online world. Plus, who needs to read more when I've got a bunch of reviews to write? Well, I'm really trying to hold back and not bombard this blog with daily reviews. I mean, I have over 100 books listed on Goodreads. So, really, I've been trying to hold back on the reviews and not bombard this blog with a new review every day. But, guys, I missed it! I missed reading!

So, the other morning I got wind that the BLA librarians and staff had just put out a bunch of new books, and it just happened to be that I had 1st period conference, so I headed out there before all the good books were gone. Then, I get there and I run into to my students, the crazy Stephanie World Traveler and Daniela with the Short Hair doing the same thing I am. But,, luckily we didn't fight over any books, and I was able to walk away unscathed with 4 or 5 books with great titles. By the end of the day several girls had already eyed them on my desk. And, now they are eagerly waiting for me to finish so they can get their hands on them.

What have I finished? Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Sott (which I passed on to Alexis,) and North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley. And my favorite? North of Beautiful. OMG! All all I can say is Wow! I am now going to read everything by this author. Everything about the novel is nearly perfect. Everything is connected--the maps, the geocaching, the dragons, the collages, China... and there is this one great love scene that Addie will love! Not only that, but there is a Chinese-American boy with a crooked smile and girl he sees as beautiful no matter what! Look out for my full review coming soon!


Justina Chen Headley said...

Thank you so much, Minerva, for emailing me and reviewing my book! Good luck with your writing. Something tells me you've got a ton of stories inside yourself.