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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Caught in the Act...of Crazy Teen Love

YA Fiction Meets the PG-13 Version of Fatal Attraction. That’s basically what you see in Peter Moore's novel, Caught in the Act, when Ethan Lederer, a good kid with a good reputation, falls for the new girl dressed in all black. As Ethan puts it, he was doomed from the minute he first laid eyes on Lydia Krane, and it doesn’t take long for him to be captivated by her Carebears t-shirts, Goth clothing, and black dyed hair. But more than that, Lydia understands him in a way no one else does, or so he thinks. She is also the only person who knows his whole smart guy status is a fa├žade built on parental expectations, late night cramming, and cheating when necessary. And then things start getting weird. I don’t want to spoil all the bizarre, psychotic complications in the plot, but let’s just say the whole tattoo thing ranks pretty high on the crazy scale.
You know, the story really grabs you from the start, and you find yourself rooting for Ethan and Lydia as they have all these meaningful encounters in the early chapters. Then, the author hits you with all this drama, and I don’t just mean figuratively, as both Lydia and Ethan take the lead roles in a modern day interpretation of Macbeth in the annual school play. By the end, everything unravels for Ethan as he finally faces up to some of his choices and decisions, but not without a heavy cost. Caught in the Act is not a psychological thriller, but it has enough twists and beyond nutty behavior to keep you turning the pages. Lydia leaves her imprint on Ethan and makes you think twice about breaking up with your current gal or guy just for somebody you think you really know. Enjoy th new YA Macbeth!


Anonymous said...

u should read the series : night world and vampire diaries
really goood!!!!!!
5 star recommendation

alexistt said...

This was a really good book with an exciting, yet enjoyable twist. It kindda spooked me, but I really liked it. ;)