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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Hollow...Coming in September

I finally have 4 "Followers"...how exciting! And, one of them, Jessica Verday, is about to have her first published novel released in September--The Hollow. Congratulations, Jessica! I am honored to have you follow my blog.

I just went to her website (beautiful, by the way) and read the first chapter, and now I can't wait to read the entire novel. I mean, the tagline alone will get anybody hooked--A haunting love story lies within.

And, for all those of you who were let down by Breaking Dawn, being that it was the last of the Twilight series or because of all the weird plot elements taking the focus off Edward and Bella...personally, Twilight should have remained a trilogy since Eclipse is a near perfect ending in my opinion...OK. I just had to finally put that out there. I am not a fan of Breaking Dawn. But, back to what I was saying.

And, for all those of you who were left wanting more after the death of Twilight, Jessica Verday's new paranormal romance will definitely call out to you. Just look at the book cover.

If that's not enough, then know that the setting is filled with the fall foliage of maple and cherry trees surrounding the local cemetary and the legendary town of Sleep Hollow. Yes, the Sleepy Hollow from The Legend of Sleep Hollow. Jessica's modern take on an old legend begins with the mysterious death of Kristen, best friend to The Hollow's heroine, Abbey. Fueled by rumor and small town mentality, many in the community believe Kristen committed suicide by the bridge near the cemetary, but Abbey has diffucitly even accepting the fact that her BFF is dead. Abbey sets out to solve this mystery, opening up a web of secrets with the ultimate secret pointing beyond Kristen's death to something and someone that will personally shake up Abbey's world. And, who is this mysterious, brooding, hot anti-hero? Caspian. Caspian must be the same guy described in a handwritten script on Verday's website--the one Abbey fears will fuse with her skin and soul if she touches him. Hmmn...is Caspian the new Edward? And to think I wouldn't have known anything about this book if Jessica had not become a "Follower" on my blog! Thanks, Jessica! I am really looking forward to reading more of your novel and posting a full review in September.