. Athena's Books: My Vacation and Week Long Lost Status
Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Vacation and Week Long Lost Status

I'm gone one week on vacation and what happens? I feel totally, completely out it...all of a sudden I feel a little overwhelmed with blogging, reading, keeping up with email & FB, and the world of YA books in general. I seriously need a phone with full browser features! I've got my laptop but its not always that simple to find free wi-fi when you're on the road all the time and going here and there...all I was able to do was update my FB status a few times. But, I had an awesome time with my family.

What we did...Six Flags at Arlington (what a day...completely wiped out), Texas Rangers baseball game (and they won!), Dallas Cowboy stadium tour(sheer, pure awesomeness), Dallas Mavericks gift shop (bought a cool shooting shirt), Grapvine Mills Mall (huge outlet mall), watched My Sister's Keeper (finally...and yes, I cried), watched The Univited (liked...but tried too hard to have one of those ironic twists at the end), ate lots of burgers with the best being at Steak 'N Shake, probably gained like 2 lbs, slept on an air mattress, had much, much, much fun!

Maybe I'll post a few pictures later...

So, forgive me for not posting anything in like over a week, but I'll try and get right back to all this.

Is this the sort of thing I should put on my Livejournal? I don't know. Sometimes this whole web-based world is too overwhelming...who has time to update all their stuff? Well, yes, I have a link somewhere on this blog to my Livejournal, but don't be dismayed when you get there and all I have is like 2 things! Just don't know...so help me out...SHOULD I PUT MORE PERSONAL POSTS HERE OR KEEP IT MORE PROFESSIONAL WITH BOOK REVIEWS AND PUT THIS OTHER STUFF ON AN ON-LINE DIARY LIKE LIVEJOURNAL? OR JUST FORGET LIVEJOURNAL 'CUS I CAN'T SEEM TO KEEP UP WITH IT?


ok...blog with you guys later...


Alexis said...

I was reading the last part to this post and I think that the way you've been doing things is just fine! I mean, I've read other blogs too and they pretty much do the same thing. Lol no one's going to have the time for everything, especially with kids!! (I know cuz I have 5 siblings!!!lol) Perhaps, if you can, before leaving and knowing that you won't be posting for a while, you could post something beforehand to tell us, so we'll check back in a week ;) hehe and I like hearing about the fun stuff that you get to do, especially when you incorporate the books you're reading --- lol another title for me to check out. I love the new design and thanks for keeping this blog up!

minnie said...

I appreciate you for reading my blog. Can't wait to talk books with you at school! Are you ready for Creative Writing!