. Athena's Books: Monday's Rant and Rave... Cowboys, Betwixt, The Spectacular Now
Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's Rant and Rave... Cowboys, Betwixt, The Spectacular Now

Mini Rant and Rave (for Sunday...supposed to be Sunday's are for Blogging!)

Rant 1: The Cowboys! I just have that song in my mind..."what hurt's the most, is being so close..." That's all I gotta say.

Rant 2: Books that say they are like a certain other book and end up not being like that certain other book. I'm thinking Betwixt right now. The back of the cover made comparisons with Twilight, but I found nothing similiar. Twilight is a romance with a huge, heavy chemistry between a girl and vampire. It's all about will they or will they not be together and if they are together at what cost? It's about PG-13 passion that hardly goes beyond a kiss--all the passion is pretty much bottled up since Edward has a likin'for blood, so you just can't go around necking and getting all worked up. It's the anti-climatic passion, but that's what makes it so passionate (even for moms like me). Well, Betwixt has too many story lines with too many characters, a weird middle section that doesn't make sense (I just didn't get the whole faery world set up in the book), some strong language here and there, and an ending that doesn't really bring anyone together. I wasn't crazy about the whole fairy dust thing either. Zero passion. The one couple that seems on the verge of passion end up caring about one another on more of a close sibling basis (like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah). Definitely not Twilight, so why say it is?.

Rave: I love books with male protagonists. And not 3rd person books, but 1st person narratives. It must be because the books shelves, especially when it comes to YA or romance or YA romance, are full of female heroines. I know how females think so I relate pretty well to them, but it's so fresh when the main character is a male and just lays it out like it is. And when a writer can get a girl to connect to a boy's voice in a novel, it's just awesome. That's the kind I especially like--when the voice is so authentic that you get into this character's head even though he is nothing like you. Case in point...The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. The story is told from Sutter Keely's point of view and it's right on with a teenage boy's perspective.

Quote: As soon as we start, she clicks into a more confident mode. But it's na sort of soft confidence. A kind confidence. She could easily start coming off all superior or even ridicule me for my mathematical idiocy, but she doesn't even come close to that. She doesn't need to. Here in the realm of bboks she's self assured. She has some of the control she doesn't have anywhere else. Adn you know what? If I was a better listener, I'll bet she could get me to understand some things that Mr. Asterhole never came close to.

Love it! Sutter has a way of taking the edge off any serious or semi-serious topic or passage by saying something so "guy-like" or just right out funny. He's candid all right. I'll save some other quotes for the real review.

I guess there is nothing so "mini" about all that I wrote!