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Thursday, February 25, 2010

YA Wire...The Carbon Diaries, 2017

YA Wire...Info on New YA Releases

The Carbon Diaries 2017 --Released Feb. 22, 2010

Sometimes I can't work on Thursday Book Trailer because Youtube content is blocked at school. And that's what has happened today. But, I have thought of something else I can throw into the rotation. I am always wondering about the YA world in the crystal ball--you know, what's new out there and what's going to be new soon, so I assume this is true of most book lovers.

A few days ago, the eco-book and sci-fi world saw the release of The Carbon Diaries 2017 by Saci Lloyd. The Carbon Diaries 2017 is actually the sequel to The Carbon Diaries 2015 which was published in 2009. A year later, the dystopian world of Laura and her eco-punk band continues...

I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about The Carbon Diaries 2015 first, though, in case you've never heard of it. I don't think you necessrily have to read it firts, but who wouldn't want to? It sounds awesome! Just know that it appeals to the older teen...it's a YA crossover.

The Carbon Copies 2015

About the Book

Told in short diary entries filled with scrapbook clippings, this riveting ecothriller is one girl's attempt to stay grounded in a world where disaster has become the norm. It's the year 2015, a time when global warming has begun to ravage the environment. In response, the United Kingdom becomes the first country to mandate carbon rationing—a well-intentioned plan that goes tragically awry. When her carbon debit card arrives in the mail, sixteen-year-old Laura is just trying to pass her exams, manage her ecopunk band, and catch the attention of her gorgeous classmate Ravi. But as multiple natural disasters strike and Laura's parents head toward divorce, her world spirals out of control. A severe drought sparks fires and deadly riots; then the highest-category hurricane in recent history strikes London. With the death toll in the thousands and climbing, Laura and her family face the unimaginable as her older sister clings to life. (from publisher's website)

The Carbon Diaries 2017

About the Book:

Two years have passed since the Carbon Diaries 2015 (2009), and Laura just wants to play punk music. With carbon rationing and the Thames flooding constantly, London's not like it used to be. Laura and her loved ones experience drought, flood, malaria, refugee-camp internment and recurring police brutality. Refugees from global drought pour into Europe, sparking increased political power for anti-immigrant racists. But despite the novel s grim dystopianism-- a forward-into-the-past mentality has Londoners planting cabbages on rooftops--Laura s story features unexpected moral complexity. She and her friends repeatedly debate the obligations of the privileged in a world gone horribly wrong. Should they join the anti-government terrorists, march against United Front racists, live in vegan squats, feed refugees in the Sudan or just live their punk-rock student lives? It s complicated, Laura realizes no one answer is right. If there's any hope in this dizzying, brilliantly drawn and terrifyingly possible near-future, it s the ability of even selfish people to passionately throw themselves against overwhelming odds. Captivating. (Science fiction. 12-15) --(from Kirkus Reviews)


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