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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Totally YA Tuesday...YA Author Laura Resau at My School! Today!

I am so excited! I get to meet one of my favorite authors today--at my school! For those of you who have read The Indigo Notebook and Red Glass, you know who I'm talking about! Laura Resau!

When I finished reading Red Glass sometime last year, I thought she would be a wonderful visiting author to South Texas ISD since she infuses her writing with Hispanic culture and if you know anything about Texas-Mexico border down here, well, then you know we are very Hispanic with about 75 percent of the last names in the phone book being either Garcia, Martinez, Gonzalez, Flores, Castillo, Vasquez...etc. Just kidding (but not too much).

Here is an article that appeared in our local newspaper:

Author to visit South Texas ISD
February 23, 2010 11:01 AM
Young-adult author, Laura Resau is expected to visit South Texas Independent School District’s across the Valley on March 2-5. The Baltimore, Maryland native will share her inspirations that fueled her work plus writing workshops.

Resau will be at Biblioteca Las Americas (BLA) Library located at the Mercedes campus at 10:30 a.m. on March 2-3. Librarian of the BLA, Ann Vickman, explains a teacher from the Med High campus recommended the author.

“We found she was an award winning author and we thought her writing would appeal to our students,” Vickman said.

The writer has three books which include, “The Indigo Notebook”, “What the Moon Saw” and “Red Glass”. Her latest work “Star in the Forest” is due to drop March 9. Her stories use themes like love and self discovery, and are aimed at young adults of 11-years and older.

The author attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland and received her bachelors’ degree in Anthropology and French. Once Resau graduated, she moved to what is called now her “second home” Oaxaca, Mexico where she taught English for two years.

After teaching in Mexico, she fused the experience into all of her literature which has a running motif that follows Mexican culture. Vickman hopes the children can attain more knowledge from the author’s pieces and workshop.

“We hope that they gain an appreciation for literature, reading for pleasure, and take writing into consideration as a professional career,” Vickman said.

By the way, that teacher they mention (the one who suggested Laura as a visiting author)? That's me!
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Laura Resau said...

Hey, Minnie! Loved your post! I had a fun day with your students-- what an amazing place to work! Looking forward to tomorrow... ;)


minnie said...

Thank you so much for inspiring my creative writing students--the young man named Jason was truly enthralled by your book and writing--and he loved how you took the time to write a brief message in his book rather than just signing your name