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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012 With Nicholas Sparks

Happy New Year! Obviously I missed my annual 12 Days of Christmas book reviews, but...

Ok, I have no excuse, but I do know I actually only got 8 school days off this Christmas vacation! What cruelty! And up until last night (Sunday, Jan 1) I thought I wasn't going back to work until Tuesday.

Well, I went back today...on Monday...talk about a bummer Manic Monday.

On to real blog stuff.

If you love Nicholas Sparks and/or love to write and/or love to get inside writers' minds, then check out the video interview below!

I really like how he differentiates between a romance and a love story, and he is right on when he says Pretty Woman is a romance while Ghost is a love story...the kind that wrings your heart out. Nicholas Sparks is the king of the love story. Think about it. A Walk to Remember? The Notebook? Dear John? All love stories without the Cinderella ending.

The other day my 12 year old daughter told her grandma about how she loves reading romance novels! Doesn't sound right! Makes me think of those formulaic Harlequin novels I used to read as a teen when YA didn't have any sizzle or appeal in my mind. I'm 38 now so you can do the math.

Well, now she can say she loves reading books with a love story. That I'm ok with. No Fabio allowed here.  Also, a love story does not have to be about a sweeping, epic, romantic relationship.  A love story can be about siblings, friends, family, any people we love in life. 

Here is my list of some of the best love stories I have ever read.  Though my list could be different tomorrow!  You will notice, though, that when it comes to my list, a majority of them are love stories with the romantic kind of love.   I can't help it. 

In no particular order...but probably Eva Underground as number one today:

Eva Underground (love story set in the midsts of Eastern European political chaos)
The Forest of Hands and Teeth (love story set a couple of centuries after The Zombie Apocolapse)
Dear John (love story spanning over 9/11 and the Iraq War and bittersweet ending and my favorite Sparks novel)
North of Beautiful (love story of self with spectular setting in China)
A Certain Slant of Light (love story between ancient souls in modern time)
The Comeback Season (love story with baseball and bittersweet ending)
After Summer (love story in Australia from a male POV)
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (love story with family and romance)
The Truth About Forever (first YA love story I really loved)
Delirium (latest YA love story I really love)

I probably have some type of review or post about each one these.  Just look over at the sidebar and enjoy!  Or try the search box.

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Ali B said...

Always looking for a great YA to read. I'll check out your list and check back often for more great suggestions.

minnie said...

Thanks Ali... I am putting up a book review of Bitter End today!