. Athena's Books: November Gone
Monday, December 5, 2011

November Gone

Happy December!

The last post I made was a pre-Thanksgiving post...wow, where does the time go? I will tell you. It goes on lots of eating, lots of napping, and lots of shopping, and lots of query writing. I sent out a small batch of them out the day before Thanksgiving. I sent another small batch the week right after Thanksgiving. A grand total of 11 or 12, including two I had sent out in late October. And officially, my query has been rejected by about 5 or 6 agents. A few of them were nice enough to respond back with the official rejection and a couple just thought it best to give no response.

You know, if they would just give it a chance...I mean seriously, anybody who actually holds an MFA in writing is not just some chump off the street. The query letters are strong, my writing sample is strong, so what do they want? Is my novel too "literary" (and of course take that with a grain of salt...isn't everything literary?)? Is my novel too "Latina" or too "multi-cultural" (and what about the fact that the largest minority group in the U.S. is Latino and a bunch of Latino teens probably would like more stuff representing them)? Is nobody that much into verse novels (and I don't think this is the case because every time I have recommended one to someone, they end up loving it)?

I know, I am ranting. But this is what consumes my mind...

Other things...

I finished reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver! Love it, but not the ending :(! I feel a book review coming soon.

I am hooked on AMC's The Walking Dead, and just feel completely empty now that they aren't showing it again until February.

I am holding on to The X-Factor only as a way to keep me ready for American Idol.

I love The Hunger Games Trailer and really think the Katniss actress looks like a Katniss.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, but leaning to the side :(

We got a cold blast way down here in deep South Texas! Yay!

And 1st semester is coming to an end...my kids just doing a project "final" guaranteed to give them a higher average if they will simply come through and do it decently well. They are making time-capsules over civilizations. Lots of library time, and guess what? The library is my all time favorite place on campus!

One more thing, I submitted an application at the local university to teach freshmen writing...keeping my fingers crossed. I am ready for change.

Imagine if all this change came during 2012? A new job focused on teaching writing, an agent who says yes...wow! 2012 would be one of the grandest, but never beating the year I got engaged and married, and the years in which my kids were born.

Till tomorrow! Hopefully, I will start my 12 Days of December YA Books posts!