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About Me

Musings of a writer named Minerva, a Latina with a Roman deity's name, known as Athena in Greek mythology, called Minnie by friends.  Always, siempre fictionally yours.

Hmmm.  About me? Mother, wife, writer, teacher.  I want to read quality YA. I want to write quality YA. I love poetry so that means I'm a huge fan of the verse novel. That's what I want to be, a verse novelist or a novelist of expressive, emotive stories full of poetry. I do not want my MFA in creative writing to go to waste.  So, until I am the next Laini Taylor or Judith Ortiz Cofer or Barry Lyga (yes, my tastes are that diverse), I will at least strive to be one of the best compostion instructors for my students and be their personal editors for free. And whatever I write expect some Texas, some country music, some 80's, some poetry, a love story, revised myths and classics, my home--the Rio Grande Valley, a bit of Spanglish, a lot of me, but a lot of not me.