. Athena's Books: New Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer
Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer

Ok, so you all know I am not a fan at all of Breaking Dawn...the book...I just read the first few chapters and that was it.  I couldn't take the pathetic storyline because isn't part of the Twilight magic the fact that for the entire first three books, Bella and Edward's romance is dragged out all the way until the end?  Without all this weird gulping blood stuff and vampire babies that can't logically exist.  I say it should have ended with book number 3 and let our minds finish the story.  But I've already talked about this at length on some other post a very long time ago.  All I can say is that Breaking Dawn ruined Twilight for me...but the movie is another thing.  I will see it and I will be glad I saw it!  I have really like all three movies so far and hope this fourth movie continues the "really like" flow.