. Athena's Books: Free Kindle Contest by Lisa Kuehne June 15
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Kindle Contest by Lisa Kuehne June 15

Lisa Kuehne, author of True Intentions (see my recent mini-review), is hosting an awesome contest!  She is giving away a free Kindle!!!!  And who could not use one of those!  All you have to do is go over to her author website and click away.  Good luck to all of you and here is the email she sent me for more specific directions. 

Hi Minnie,
In case you want to tell your readers, I'm giving away a free kindle.

They would go to http://lisakuehne.com website and click on the "e" in the top (by facebook/twitter/etc)

This is the everybizbook site where my contest tracking is held.

Click to register and it will ask you to describe your first kiss in 500 words or less. It will list all the entries (with only first name and last initial).  Your readers/friends/neighbors/etc can go to the same place and vote. Contestants will be able to log in and see how they are doing with votes.

The winner (first kiss with the most votes) takes home the Free, brand new kindle
2nd place gets a FREE True Intentions e-book.

The contest will end July 31st. On Aug 3rd the winners will be announced...

Thanks much,
Enjoy and write an amazing flash over her topic...sounds fun.  But, I have a Nook...Yay!  It was my mother's day and graduation gift all wrapped up in one.  There are only two books I have bought since then...The Dark and Hollow Places (spectacular zombie fare) and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (fabulous children's chap book my kids said I had to buy).  What's next?  Hmmm...it has to be something I really want to read and that I haven't read and that I know will be good.  Then again I have 20 books here at home to read and my own stuff to work on...